Meet the Team !

  • 1-Franck MAZY, PDG et consultant viticole

    Franck MAZY

    Managing Director and Viticultural Consultant
  • 2-Christine MAZY, Responsable administratif et comptable

    Christine MAZY

    Administration and Accounting Manager
  • 3-Charline HAUTEM, géographe, consultante viticole

    Charline HAUTEM

    Geographer, Viticultural Consultant
  • 4-Vincent FAIHY, ingénieur agronome œnologue Directeur technique et consultant viticole

    Vincent FAIHY

    Agricultural Engineer/Oenologist, Technical Director and Viticultural Consultant
  • 5-John HARDY, consultant viticole

    John HARDY

    Viticultural Consultant
  • 6-Diane GRANGER, ingénieur agronome, consultante viticole

    Diane GRANGER

    Agricultural Engineer, Viticultural Consultant
  • 7-Tara SMIT-SADKI, ingénieur agronome, consultante viticole


    Agricultural Engineer, Viticultural Consultant
  • 8-Madeleine LOEVENBRUCK, consultante viticole

    Madeleine LOEVENBRUCK

    Viticultural Consultant
  • 9-Guillaume GREIL, ingénieur agronome œnologue, consultant viticole

    Guillaume GREIL

    Agricultural Engineer, Viticultural Consultant
  • 10-Julie BARIZET, alternante en licence agro-ressources.

    Julie BARIZET

    Intern, currently studying for her degree in Agro-resources
  • IMG_6778

    Sylvain OBLET

    Formateur et Auditeur en certifications environnementales