Soil nutrition and management

what really brings us

Viti Concept ?

Viti-Concept gives winegrowers expert advice based on a sustainable approach to fertilisation, designed to get the best out of the terroirs through the creation of a “living” soil and to produce healthy and high-quality grapes. To attain these goals, we carry out nutritional surveys and N-TESTER measurements throughout the season.

Our viticulturist clients receive a message informing them of the condition of their vines with advice suited to the circumstances. Throughout the year, we also carry out various analyses (soil, petioles, etc.). These surveys, along with qualitative and quantitative assessments, will result in the creation of a soil nutrition and management programme for the following year.

on what


  • Petioliar analyzes
  • N-TESTER measurements
  • Soil analyzes
  • Soil maintenance …