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  • Service Provider Accreditation
    • Service providers who apply phytopharmaceutical products must be accredited. We carry out pre-audits to prepare for this certification. We provide complete assistance: explanation of all the points on the specifications documents, set-up of the necessary tools, provision of an explanatory folder.
  • Assistance in property purchasing
    • Assistance in the purchasing of a viticultural property in France or elsewhere: Viti-Concept provides technical assistance to future investors in viticultural properties. Through our knowledge and network, we can even assist in property search.
  • Vineyard cartography
    • This document is an essential tool to fully understand your vineyard plots and any geographic constraints. It is obligatory for any certification process. It can be carried out using land registry surveys or on the plot using a GPS. This work provides information on the surface area actually planted, useful for calculating the correct dosage of treatments.
  • Vineyard management
    • Viti-Concept can handle technical tasks, as an interim replacement for a vineyard manager, or as support:
      > vineyard management
      > input management: viticultural supplies purchasing (often by tender)
      > financial management: creating an operating budget (vineyard budget)
  • Single Document for Risk Assessment (DUER)
    • The DUER is obligatory for any company with one or more employees since the 2001.1016 decree.
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