Vineyard Health

During the vine’s vegetative cycle (April to September), Viti-Concept monitors around 1,300 vineyard plots across Champagne’s three departments (Aisne, Aube and Marne), in northern Burgundy, as well as in the Côtes de Toul and the Côtes de Meuse.

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The area of ​​the activity

Our presence on the ground enables us to evaluate trends in diseases for each area at any time throughout the season. General weekly updates are sent out during the growing season. Furthermore, after each visit to a vineyard plot, the client receives a personalized report. Our personalised support can advise on which treatments to carry out for each plot and/or varietal.

Convinced of the benefits of sustainable vineyard management, Viti-Concept became a member of the GCVI*, an association of independent viticultural consultants from all French wine regions, in 1999.

*Groupement de Consultants Viticoles Indépendants