Assistance in obtaining environmental certifications

Should our clients so wish, we can assist in the preparation for the initial audit for obtaining HVE and VDC environmental certifications. This technical assistance can be provided as individual preparation or as part of a “collective” management group. We also support our clients in their conversion to organic viticulture.

The different actions

  • Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne (V.D.C.)
    • Implemented by the Champagne Board (CIVC) during the 2014 season
    • Composed of 99 points and structured in 3 steps:
      – Step 1: Respect of regulations
      Step 2: Requirements of High Environmental Value (HVE) certification, which encompasses 3 themes (phytosanitary strategy, fertilisation management, and biodiversity preservation).
      – Step 3: Requirements specific to Champagne that complement the HVE fields and include the objectives of preserving terroirs and enhancing landscapes, managing waste and by-products responsibly, and reducing carbon footprint.
  • High Environmental Value (H.V.E.)
    • HVE certification was introduced by decree n° 2011-694 of 20 June 2011.
    • Viti-Concept has joined the different networks of the Agricultural Advisory System (Champagne and Picard) in order to be able to approve the Level I, essential for HVE obtainment. This environmental certification is achieved in parallel to the Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne (VDC) certification.
  • Organic Agriculture
    • Organic agriculture is a type of production that ensures respect for the environment and biodiversity and a high level of animal welfare. It guarantees natural products without synthetic chemicals and GMOs. The standards for organic agriculture are set out in European regulations which require thorough official inspections to be carried out (EC regulations n°834/2007 and n°889/2008).
    • In France, the National Institute for Origin and Quality (INAO) is the public authority responsible for applying the European regulations on organic agriculture. The INAO entrusts inspections to approved certifying bodies. Only unprocessed or processed products from organic agriculture can display the European organic logo and the AB label.
    • VITI-CONCEPT has over 30 years of expertise in organic viticulture in Champagne, which enables it to now consult for a large number of organic Champagne producers.
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